And so we begin with another sun
The earth’s enslaved with hypocrites…
(Iced Earth – Brainwashed)

And so here’s just another blog. “Oh no, not another one”. That thought had to go through your mind right now ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, I hope you won’t regret reading it!

So, let’s first resolve few issues about me:

Why did I start this blog? Sure it wasn’t boredom… I’m already too busy, and this a way of repaying my debt to the community. Many times over, blogs and free online documentation served me in many ways, helping me to achieve certain results, speeding things up and pointing to the solutions of problems I didn’t even know I had. So this is just a modest try to pass the favour to others.

What will I blog about? About my professional life and personal attitudes, mainly concentrating on Unices (Linux, Solaris, *BSD) and various technologies that surround it.

Who am I? Just another bloke who should tell himself something like “get a life”. Linux desktop user since 2003, Unix sysadmin from 2007, devops, programmer – definitely a workaholic with serious addiction. You can stumble upon my writings on many mailing lists, etc…

Wanna contact me? Sure you do ๐Ÿ™‚

* e-mail: jakov.sosic@gmail.com
* Skype: jsosic
* ICQ: 28410271

Wanna know more about me? Here’s the latest Curriculum Vitae.

I hope you stay tuned and interested in what I have to say. All comments are welcome, even the ones that say I am jerk, because I know I am : ) Enjoy

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