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Is Not A Child Of A Service

The mirror in your eyes (the mirror in your eyes)
Is telling me what I’ve become alive and that is why
There’s pain inside your eyes (the mirror never lies)
The mirror in your eyes
(Rage – The Mirror in Your Eyes)

Developing a resource agents for RedHat Cluster Suite is always a fun ride. Resource agents are pretty simple and I’m really amused with the fact that RedHat distributes only a handful of finished resource agents… So, I’m thinking about developing a whole set of them and reporting it back to RedHat (or Fedora) so that they can get included in official distro.

Today, I decided to make an agent for rsyslog. We are making highly available rsyslog instance, so why duplicate init script when I can spare some time and develop something that will be useful to general public. (Well, not so general after all – but RHCS/Pacemaker involved public at least).

So, after I polish the shell script, I encountered a first obstacle:

Sep  8 03:45:54 testhost rgmanager[22364]: [rsyslog]
   Service rsyslog:testresource Is Not A Child Of A Service
Sep  8 03:46:11 testhost rgmanager[23126]: [rsyslog]
   Service rsyslog:testresource Is Not A Child Of A Service

So, let the fun begin. After almost two hours of diff-ing the script versus other resource agents like apache, named, samba, running all the possible RHCS debug/verbose commands that I know, and meddling with cluster.conf options and positioning of the <rsyslog> resource, and offcourse googling for a solution – eureka!!!! I had the similar issue with pgsql-9.1 resource agent few months ago… A-HAAA, so I take a peak at cluster.rng file, and immediately I can see where’s the problem… I did not have a service_name parameter in my rsyslog.metadata! I added the following block:

<parameter name="service_name" inherit="service%name">
    <longdesc lang="en">
        Inherit the service name.  We need to know
        the service name in order to determine file
        systems and IPs for this smb service.
    <shortdesc lang="en">
        Inherit the service name.
    <content type="string"/>

and problem solved! So for the benefit of (probably non-existing) resource agent developers, hope you find this solution googling around 🙂 If you do, please post a comment so that I know this particular post really helped someone 🙂 I would be glad….

  1. March 10, 2017 at 10:27 pm


    Thanks for the tip! But will stick to pacemaker

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